Do you know how we started?

Once upon a time, the world shut down. Our publisher, Chelle Honiker, was “stranded” in Northern Ireland in a cottage by the sea. (Please wait while I find my tiny violin.) But in fairness, forced solitude can be a strain even in a gilded cage. Chelle reached out to the author friends she had made at UK conferences in Edinburgh and London, and they began to sprint several times a day to keep each other company and find joy and creativity in the midst of the pandemic.

Elaine Bateman Has Joined the Chat

It took me longer to feel the strain of lockdown, but eventually, I joined the sprint group too.

Everyone in our group was involved with the indie author community in some way, so along with sprinting, we also often shared our experiences of useful apps and tools related to our author businesses. Eventually, the list became so long that we needed a website, which became It’s still a crowdsourced website for all the tips, tools, courses, websites, downloads and other things that indies use and available for anyone to add to.

Then came the realization that the whole community could benefit from the information we could share. There wasn’t a regular magazine for indie authors. We’d never had the validating experience of sitting on a train or in a cafe with a glossy magazine written specifically for our industry. Well, now we do. I’m proud of the articles I’ve written for IAM and honored to be representing IAM with you, our partners.

Our Vision

We are a media company, and our vision is to inform, educate and inspire:

From conception, the intention has been for us to be a trusted journalistic perspective. We are also building strong partnerships with other trusted organizations in the industry, including the Alliance of Independent Authors and Author Nation.

Exciting changes are coming. We’re going to be making the magazine a benefit for all of ALLi and other members, and we’ll be bundling it with access to training courses.

If you haven’t seen the magazine yet, here’s a sample article:

If you like what you see and want to find out what IAM can do for your business, please either head to or reach out to me to discuss your needs.


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